Lessons in Soft Pastel: Rooster


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Join Sharon Hofer as she takes you step-by-step through the process of painting this charming rooster in pastel.

On this exciting DVD Sharon will teach you how to best blend and contrast with this media.

You will first learn how to sketch with simple shapes, and then proceed with the underdrawing.

After that begins the pastel layering process, and the beginning steps toward painting with confidence and speed as you incorporate these principles into your artwork.


  • Sheet of Pastel Paper
  • Artist’s Tape
  • Pastel colors in the following:
    • Yellowish Green
    • Light Blue Green
    • Black Green
    • Bright Red
    • Brown Red
    • Rust
    • Orange
    • Deep Gold
    • Light Orange
    • Brownish Gray
    • Light Brown
    • Dark Brown
    • Black
    • White

Sharon used the following Sennelier pastel numbers: 793, 267, 375, 430, 45, 69, 77, 148, 349, 181, 129, and 40.